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The Homeless Woman’s Monthly Struggle: Periods

By Brett Lowenstein Homeless women around the country have more worries than simply lacking food and shelter; every month they have to repeat the same stress of getting the right materials necessary to stay clean and comfortable during their periods. Women in the streets generally have no access to proper pads and tampons, the lack of which can lead to infections and disease. However,
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A Home for Everyone: The Veterans Inn

By Rupal Ramesh Shah   We can put a man on the moon. We can blast a bomb 5,000 miles away from us and hit our target the size of a postage stamp, yet we cannot figure out how to put a roof on everyone’s head in America,” said Sean Cononie. With this thought, Cononie — head of the COSAC Foundation — started the Veterans
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America’s First Nonprofit Motel

By Andrew Fraieli In Lake City, Florida a new motel called Motel 8 has been opened, and it’s completely run by formerly homeless. Sean Cononie, the head of the COSAC foundation which has been helping the homeless since 1997, says it is “America’s first nonprofit motel.” He started the project hoping to give the homeless skills for the hotel industry and the opportunity to
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