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Data Privacy and Data-Driven Solutions to Homelessness

By Katie Aulenbacher   The past few decades have seen a growing trend of applying data collection and analysis tools to social problems, including the problem of homelessness.  While social services rely on data to assist their target populations, database vulnerabilities expose those populations to a host of privacy concerns. Homeless individuals could face threats to their employment opportunities, mental health, and physical safety
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Florida’s Work to End Homelessness

By Rupal Ramesh Shah   Florida’s homeless population, as of 2018, was 31,030 or 6% of the total state population. With a homeless population that large, different organizations have developed across Florida — state and private — to help solve this problem of housing, hunger and safety over the years.  One of those organizations is the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, of which acting
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How Homelessness is Measured and 2018’s Count

By Andrew Fraieli The word “homeless” doesn’t differentiate between the person with a job staying at different shelters, and the teen from a troubled home sleeping by the train tracks. “Homeless” doesn’t helpfully define who is potentially going to freeze to death sleeping outside, and who is between jobs camping in the woods full time; it’s a word that is fluid and changes in
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