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The Homeless Woman’s Monthly Struggle: Periods

By Brett Lowenstein Homeless women around the country have more worries than simply lacking food and shelter; every month they have to repeat the same stress of getting the right materials necessary to stay clean and comfortable during their periods. Women in the streets generally have no access to proper pads and tampons, the lack of which can lead to infections and disease. However,
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Billy Albert: A Man of Many Hats at COSAC

By Andrew Fraieli Billy Albert’s favorite color is midnight blue. Or maybe maroon too. It’s a hard question he says. This, after elaborating on a bath salts twitching person in the fetal position that he came upon and was able to help. Helping people in bad situations, mostly the homeless, has become his job and his every day. Having been at the shelters for
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HUD report details increase in “worst case housing needs.”

Written by Adam Sennott The number of “very poor” families struggling to pay rent without the help of government subsidies increased between 2013 and 2015, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said. About 8.3 million unsubsidized families spent more than half their income on rent, lived in “severely substandard housing,” or in some cases both in 2015, according to HUD’s Worst Case Housing Needs
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