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The Pottinger Agreement Abolished

The homeless are once again set up to struggle against the city of Miami and its police as the Pottinger Agreement was abolished in federal court on Feb. 15, 2019. The city claimed, in its legal filing to end the agreement, that it had created numerous homeless outreach services including shelter beds, new jail-diversion programs for the homeless and mentally ill, and the creation
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How Homelessness is Measured and 2018’s Count

By Andrew Fraieli The word “homeless” doesn’t differentiate between the person with a job staying at different shelters, and the teen from a troubled home sleeping by the train tracks. “Homeless” doesn’t helpfully define who is potentially going to freeze to death sleeping outside, and who is between jobs camping in the woods full time; it’s a word that is fluid and changes in
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America’s First Nonprofit Motel

By Andrew Fraieli In Lake City, Florida a new motel called Motel 8 has been opened, and it’s completely run by formerly homeless. Sean Cononie, the head of the COSAC foundation which has been helping the homeless since 1997, says it is “America’s first nonprofit motel.” He started the project hoping to give the homeless skills for the hotel industry and the opportunity to
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