Homeless Man Slapped for Trespassing in Fort Lauderdale


Help us fight back, because Bruce cannot.



The Problem

The city of Fort Lauderdale has decided to create new laws that criminalize homelessness.

Their plan is to remove all the homeless from the city by creating laws to prevent them from eating.

Bruce Laclair, a homeless man at the time, was pushed then slapped by Officer Victor Ramirez of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department on February 22, 2015 for trespassing at a public bus terminal.

The Solution

We are funding a grant in Bruce’s name.

30% will go directly to Bruce to help him get back on his feet. We will provide him with clothing, meals, medical attention, and housing.

70% will go towards legal action. We will fund a legal battle to counter the current city ordinances that violate the constitution. The city has obviously made laws to target the poor.

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