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Such a BIG heart tucked behind two little pockets

I have lived with Georgia in Room 220, the Psyche Ward, since 2005.  She and I had so much in common with our birthdays in April – only six days apart – so much “fire” in one room.  In a room filled with nothing but girls, one second we were celebrating our birthdays together with a “room birthday party” filled with treats, cards, music,
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Dear Homeless Voice Readers

We are the small non-profit that runs the #1 emergency and response shelter in South Florida. We serve, house, and care for 500 homeless every day, and have costs like any other business: water, power, rent, programs, staff and legal help. The Homeless Voice is extremely effective. It is a place where anyone in need will get help. It is a safe place for
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One Plus One Equals Too Many For A Shelter

Nothing worse than being a mom and having six kids and being homeless. However it becomes worse when you find out that going to a county shelter may be impossible because you have too many children to be placed. What can be worse than that? Well, try being homeless with that many kids at Christmas time. For some mothers it seems so impossible for
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