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Remembering My Friend Named John

You were just found a few minutes ago on the bus bench. I was raising money for a shelter that hadn’t completely formed yet. We didn’t know it, but our lives would be changed forever.

I think the best years of our lives started that day of the bus bench. Like a few stray strands forming a rope, we were definitely part of something bigger. COSAC was just starting out and we were just finding our purpose. Once you were with us we knew what we were supposed to be.
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Will Write For Food 2010

What happens when you take two dozen students from across the country and let them take over the second-largest homeless publication in the country? Get a behind-the-scenes look at the 3rd-annual Will Write For Food event, September 3-5, 2011. Sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists South Florida Pro, SPJ Region 3 and Florida College Press Association.

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Don’t Do What I Have Done

After 32 years Sean Cononie (on left) meets Terry Jacks (on right), the original singer to “Season’s in the Sun”. Terry spent several days with Sean, Mike O’Hara (in middle) and Mark Targett (photographer). Sean continues to plan to make an anti-drug video using the song he wrote to help kids stop using drugs.

Swine Flu Outreach 2009

Robert Kelso winced as the needle entered his arm. The injection lasted a second, but he still felt the sting minutes later. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a shot,” he said. A recovering drug addict, Kelso, 33, has avoided needles for three years, saying his days of shooting up are the reason he now lives on the streets. But he made
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