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Wells Fargo Helps The Homeless

Wells Fargo hosted at Feeding South Florida a “Community Partner Breakfast” on August 30 to award $500 donations to its chosen non-profit community partners in this difficult economy. People in photo from left to right (Maribel Sanchez from Wells Fargo, Mary Derr Staff, and Cynthia Waters Staff).

Gainesville Ends Feeding Limit

By Chad Smith The campaign to end Gainesville’s soup-kitchen meal limit scored a major victory Thursday after the City Commission voted unanimously to repeal the controversial code in favor of a three-hour window in which anyone can eat. Earlier in the day, the commission voted down a unpopular proposal to get rid of free parking downtown, but the focus was on the final item
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A Homeless Voice Movie?

By Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel Sean Cononie, his homeless shelter and the legions he serves are the subjects of an 84-minute by a Hollywood-based videographer. Sebastian Cardenas, the videographer, submitted the documentary late last month to the, among others. Long hunting for a reality TV concept, Cardenas’ notion for the documentary — entitled “My Friend Johnny” — came to him when he bought a
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