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Douggie’s Corner

My name’s Douggie. I’ve been homeless, off and on, for 17 years. I was a juvenile run away as a teen trying to escape myself. Mentally ill, c-c-can’t talk r-r-right, big and goofy looking and rejected by peers growing up to now, life handed me apples and forced me to make peanut butter with them. Struggle and survival have been my M.O. for, well, 17 years. My
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How to Help on Thanksgiving

During the holidays, many people love to feed the homeless and assist with meals. The Homeless Voice loves the holiday help, but would also like to kindly remind everyone that help is needed more on days that are not holidays. Serve a Meal on Thanksgiving Day For many of the homeless, Thanksgiving Day is just another day without food or shelter. Without feeding initiatives
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