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On Spirituality… What is it?

Spirituality, one definition states spirituality is the idea of connecting with something bigger. Many regular folks and scholars alike believe that human beings are spiritual as well as physical and emotional. We were created by someone or something bigger than ourselves. Our ability to think, to contemplate mysteries and to love encourages us to consider all sorts of possibilities. For people of religion most
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Poem by Mike Marino

Have you ever wondered what life would be like living on the street, asking for change so you could eat? Have you ever wore the same clothes cause you had nothing else to wear, have friends and family that just don’t care? Did you ever get stuck in the freezing cold rain, ever thought addiction be your only cure for pain? If not let
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U.S Wages Compared to rental

While the economy continues to do better and more Americans are finding jobs, the struggle for affordable housing continues. Hourly wages are not climbing near the rate rents are, leaving nearly 21 million people dealing with this issue.

The map shows how much money a person would need hourly in order to afford a two bedroom apartment. Not one state is that actually possible.
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On Spirituality… Steeped in Prayer

Steeped in prayer. Have you ever been steeped in prayer? I have. In 1991 I had the opportunity to go to Medjagorie, where six young children had been visited by our Blessed Mother, and were seeing Mary every Thursday evening since 1983. On the occasions of these apparitions, our lady would visit with the children and then impart a message for the world. These
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5k Success

Thank you for coming out and making our 5th Annual Race Home a success! April 19th 300 runners lined up for our 5k along Hollywood Beach at Charnow Park. Our volunteers cheered everyone in as Curbstone played upbeat tunes for the spectators to move along to. Coat donations were made as a tribute to Gary Shimminger, who was a supporter of ours. * *
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7 Myths About Homelessness

Myth #1: Homeless people are lazy and don’t want to work. According to a comprehensive 1996 Urban Institute survey, about 44 percent of homeless people around the country did some sort of paid work during the previous month. In 2013 the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) conducted a study that found 17 percent of homeless adults in families, (who share different
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