Advertising With Homeless Voice

Homeless Voice offers a monthly publication of their newspaper, featuring the latest homeless news and information. The Homeless Voice currently has 100,000 Newspapers in circulation! All profits are reinvested into rehabilitating and housing the homeless.
Advertising to your target audience has never been easier with the Homeless Voice newspaper.


Getting Started

There are a variety of ad sizes and ad prices that are offered to businesses. Refer to the table below for ad choices:



AD Size AD Price
2.5″ x 2″ $75
2.5″ x 4″ $85
5″ x 4″ $125
2.5″ x 8″ (Tall) $125
5″ x 8″ (1/4 page) $250
10″ x 8″ (1/2 page) $500
10″ x 16″ (Full page w/ COLOR) $1000
10″ x 8″ (Back page w/ COLOR) $1500

Flyer Distribution

We love helping other businesses in the community. We can place your flyer or brochure in our newspaper.
  • Only 6¢ per flyer
  • Min quantity 2,500
  • Max quantity 80,000
  • 3 Counties (Broward, Dade, & Palm Beach)


If you have any questions regarding advertising or how your ads will be displayed, please feel free to call us at (954) 924-3571


Homeless Voice Logo

Attached is an adobe pdf file of our vector logos. This is for media distribution only and not for re-sale.


pdficon_small The Homeless Voice Current Logo *

pdficon_small The Homeless Voice Throwback Logo

pdficon_small The Homeless Voice Throwback Logo with Website

pdficon_small The Homeless Voice Podcast Cover

pdficon_small The Homeless Voice Volunteer

pdficon_small 5K Race Home 2015