How to Help on Christmas


Serve a Meal on Christmas Day

For many of the homeless, Christmas Day is just another day without food or shelter. Without feeding initiatives and volunteers, the wonderful taste of a holiday dinner wouldn’t be possible for the homeless. Help feed the homeless on Christmas Day at the Homeless Voice Shelter to ensure the spirit and tradition of the holiday is shared with the less fortunate.

The Problem

Many areas in Broward County have made it illegal to serve the homeless. Volunteers that want to serve the homeless are being arrested.

Our Solution

Project Restaurant will transform the shelter into 3 legal dining areas.

  • The Lounge will be located in the patio where you will serve beverages and appetizers to the homeless
  • Indoor Dining will be for the homeless who want to be eat fancy
  • Outdoor Dining will be for the homeless who want to be eat casual

The homeless will be seated, given a menu, and eat a 3 course meal. You will become the restaurant employees. Together, we will become the team that will pull this holiday magic off. Everyone will be assigned task.

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